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Conflict In The Workplace

You probably spend most of your time in the workplace, therefore the quality of your working environment and relationships have a significant impact on your wellbeing.  There will be a wide range of experiences and viewpoints in any workplace that we all perceive differently. This means we react to problems at work in our own unique way, which has an impact on the interactions we have with those around us.

While having a wide range of experiences and perspectives is beneficial, it may also lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Interpersonal conflict, personality clashes and bullying, can be very harmful to individuals and also undermine the team and work culture. 

As an accredited mediator, I’m here to help you and your organsiation work through conflict through mediation. – Shevaun Irvine


Mediation is a voluntary, interactive process, whereby a neutral, third party mediator, assists the parties in resolving disputes. When you engage my services, I’ll follow a process that generates and assesses options from everyone’s point of view, in order to settle all of the issues and subjects raised by the parties.

Through Mediation, we’ll attempt to provide more comprehensive solutions, addressing the fundamental problems, that result in more long-term sustainable outcomes. The goal of the procedure is to establish a confidential environment, a safe forum to speak openly and honestly and an opportunity to identify mutually accepted solutions.


Mediation and Dispute Consultancy operates throughout the Adelaide area and regional South Australia. We’re ready to discuss your situation with you to see how we might be able to help.